Tips For Successful Facebook Marketing

Understanding Facebook and the opportunities it offers hold the key to successful marketing on Facebook. Creating a proper page and managing it the right way go a long way to generating leads and establishing your credibility in the market. Following are the five practices to optimize your presence on Facebook:

Create an appealing wall: As a business entity focusing on Facebook marketing, you must make sure that your Facebook wall is updated regularly. The wall and status updates should be more personalized so that the visitors willingly engage with your page. This will not only increase your reach but will also help you yield more from your page. Do not use your page to hard sell your product because that often backfires.

Network: Identify pages of similar interests and network with them. There are various communities where you can interact with individuals from similar businesses. Ask relevant questions and share information with them to utilize your Facebook marketing to the fullest. Communities for businesses in Singapore offer the exposure your page needs when you just step into the field of .

Set a clear goal and plan: It’s important for you to define your goal at the onset, and what exactly you would want to achieve from your page. Unless you have a clear goal, you wouldn’t know how to approach your Facebook marketing. Frequency of posts and the information you share with your visitors should be in line with the purpose of your Facebook page.

Mix it Up: Studies suggest that a mix of contents on the Facebook page yields higher engagement. It’s ok to post a notification linking to your blog but not all users would like to leave their news streams and visit your blog. A mix of contents, such as information about your product or service in the form of an appealing image, a small You Tube video that can be embedded as a status update, or a stimulating poll can do wonders for your page.

Create human voice for your business: Facebook is a social space that many visit for fun, and unless you join the conversation and remain an outsider, many would lose interest in your page. The person managing your page should communicate with the visitors regularly, answer their queries, and share relevant information with them.

How customers view the presence of businesses on Facebook is different from how most businesses perceive. A Facebook page doesn’t actually work like a web page and that can be evident from the activities on a Facebook page. Understanding the intricacies and implementing them will help you run your Facebook marketing in Singapore successfully.

SEO Strategies Of 2016 That You Should Employ Today

Working with search engine optimization (SEO) is like working in a gym, if you do great work in gym you could make a perfect body, similarly if you do great work with your SEO you could generate significant amount of revenue for your business. Just like after developing your body in a gym you need to maintain it, similarly you need to constantly maintain and improve your SEO in order to maintain the rankings you worked so hard for.

Here are a few strategies that will help you to be on the top of search engines in 2016:

* Use subject matter experts for creating content: Getting your content written by a subject matter expert who is experienced in that field will definitely result in attracting more visitors because the content created will be in depth and relevant. Also, if the expert is renowned then it is an added advantage because his followers will definitely give a hit at your page.

* Develop a content marketing strategy: Always try to create content which is focused around top keywords. The content you create will automatically get a ranking on a search engine, but your aim is to improve that ranking which can be done using selective keywords and linking them to some blog post or other link. For example if you write a blog on “How to pick an online marketing agency in Singapore” there is a possibility that it will be visible to you on a search engine if only the posts contain links to other posts or pages.

* Generate powerful backlinks for your site: You can hire a public relations (PR) company or an SEO company to help you develop powerful backlinks for your website. You can use tools to analyze the keywords and links used by your competitors and implement a similar strategy or a better one to attract visitors.

* Make your website secure and mobile ready: Today almost every business provider has a mobile app and this is because leading search engine providers are shifting their focus to mobile search. A recent study revealed that in 2015 mobile searches finally surpassed the desktop searches. I believe this is one strong reason to be mobile ready. Apart from this you need to secure your website and start using https:// instead of http://, in fact some search engine providers are giving a ranking boost to some of the secure websites.

These are some of the most important strategies you need to focus on 2016. Make sure to include all these points while employing SEO for your website.