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How to Keep a Home Mess Free

How To Keep A Home Mess Free

There are unexpected benefits to a mess-free home. The first criterion is to declutter the place before it becomes a storehouse!
Goodrich Global has a wide range of good vinyl floor tiles that have shown to be advantageous to the home as they look spiffy.

If you are installing vinyl floor tiles by yourself, Andrew Esmonde-White discusses how to keep it mess-free:

“Vinyl tiles are available in many colours and styles. They can be easily installed thanks to the self-adhesive backing that allows for easy peel and stick. Sheet vinyl is much harder to install and may require the assistance of a seasoned professional in order to ensure the perfect fit.” Read more here!

Here are some simple steps to keep the home mess-free.

• Spring-cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea but when you have to do it, you need to give it your all and hope that you do the job and do it well! Cobweb the place, remove any scraps lying around, keep the walls clean, and so on and so forth. This will start the ball rolling. Remove any muck in the cupboards and get rid of anything that you do not need.
• The second part of keeping the home mess-free is to give the walls a lick of paint. A dull dreary looking wall needs a facelift, and a dash of paint will make the place look bright and welcoming. The idea is to blend colors with the furniture so that there is no mishmash. Wallpaper also adds enchantment to the view and keeps it mess free.
• Keep the switches clean and the bulbs too. Over time, lighting tends to get dim, which could be because of too much of dust and aging. The life of a bulb is based on the usage, muck, and wiring. The reason why keeping lights in pristine condition is a necessity is that without them, you are practically in the dark (sic).
• If you notice any gaping wounds on the tiles or the roof, call in experts and attend to the problem immediately. Leaving an open hole brings in creepy crawlies, rats, rodents, roaches, ants and a host of other unwelcome ‘guests’. They also settle in rather well if you leave crumbs around the place. Get rid of them (both).
• To keep a home mess-free, the flooring should be spic and span. A floor that is greasy or dirty needs to be mopped regularly or scrubbed. However, if the tiles have eroded over time, wisdom entails that you get it repaired. A change with vinyl floor tiles is a great alternative as it is easy to maintain, not heavy on the purse and offers myriad choices.

No doubt, keeping a home mess-free does not mean that you need to change the contours of the home. But when you need to upgrade the flooring, walls and the overall construct, get it done before it gets to be a nuisance. Hence if you are unable or do not have the time to do it yourself, you should consider engaging a vendor or installation team to help you maintain your home from start to end.

How do feature walls help give the wow factor

How do feature walls help give the wow factor to a space and which material would suit your feature wall the best?

Have you ever been to one of those houses or offices in which while you wait for someone to serve you or have a conversation with you, your mind wanders off and you find yourself immersed completely in a work of art or a fixture on a wall? This is the feature wall of that room and today you will be learning about how you can achieve the exact wow factor and make your visitors lose themselves into wondering how you managed to put up this beauty!

If you are looking for a Feature Wall Singapore, do consider Goodrich Global. They carry a wide variety of feature wall designs which can brighten up your home regardless of its current appearance now. Check out their site today. is here fortunately to guide you right through how to choose a feature wall.

Give it a pop of color

While a statement wall provides a focal point to a room, it can also transform it, making it appear larger or wider, cooler or warmer, even more intimate. A statement wall can enhance a room’s best features or downplay its weaknesses. A bold floral design, for example, not only injects personality, it can help to disguise uneven walls, and stripes are a great tool for increasing the sense of space within a room. Read more here!

There is nothing quicker or easier than to build a dominant statement in a room than to provide it a splash of vibrantly colored paint. But if you are not a fan of too much of a colorful backdrop, you can always play it safe by doing something abstract in a monochromatic tone.

Horizontal and vertical lines provide the illusion of a bigger room. Horizontal lines make the space seem wider while the vertical lines make it look taller. These days there are multiple varieties of lines available in wallpaper designs. But you can even paint lines on your own. You can mix thin and thick lines all in together and in different colors. This would look best in a kids’ room. Accent colors can also help in changing the nature of a room. Vibrant colors give a kick of energy to the room while softer colors create a relaxing environment. The next thing you need to consider is choosing the right material for your feature wall. Read this article by Prism Interiors to get through this step!

Choosing the correct material for your feature wall

Installing a stone wall feature running up a staircase, at the front entrance or a stone façade as a feature wall in the great room or den makes a big impact by adding a beautiful texture to an existing space. With new stone varieties, you have a wide assortment of choices on stone types, colors and textures – numerous possibilities to fit every home style.  Popular materials for exposed stone feature walls include ledge stone, fieldstone, stacked stone, and brick as examples. Read more here!

If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you can consider an artificial cultured stone and you don’t have to worry about it looking anything less than the real thing! Your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference. These are so close to the natural stone and can be molded in any shape or pattern that you want.

Decorative panels are also back in the business! Therefore you have multiple design options with hundreds of prints and textures to choose from alongside faux finishes such as those of concrete, brick and more. You can also find 3D textured panels with swirly patterns or self customized patterns and motif mixed with embossed tiles. Also available to you is stain-grade wood species that would help you bring out the essence of your space.

The next big thing is wood which is becoming an increasingly demanding option for domestic spaces mostly. They bring the element of nature easily in any space. You can generate a modern timber-lined wall by having a mix of various wood varieties such as rosewood and tiger wood. This will look great in a bedroom. The best spot to have this would be behind your bed. Another thing to keep in mind if you are putting this in a bedroom environment is by adding something to it that would make it multi-functional. Apart from this, you can take into consideration a few more creative ideas listed down by a Houzz writer Jo Froude;

Other factors to consider

A bespoke mural can fit in the smallest of spaces and, best of all; can be designed to feature your chosen images and personal references. Don’t assume they have to be bright, bold affairs – this charcoal-style drawing offers a relaxed mood with freehand-style charm. Read more here!

You do not have to do much to transform a simple wall into an awe inspiring feature to look at. With the use of simple wall stickers it will not cost you a dime and will look redolent and fashionably effortless. At times, people do not opt for a feature wall simply because they think it will be costly when in fact, it is not! Even if you think it will take up a major proportion of your repairing costs, you might work on it bit by it, creating your element of awe by your sense of imagination. You would be surprised to know how meagre decorations can make your wall pop-up!

To conclude, you do not have to spend hundreds of bucks if you want your feature wall to look great. You can give it the wow factor simply by giving it a pop of color or doing something as simple as having wall stickers on. Another way to go about it is by changing the materiality according to the context the room is sitting in. So now go ahead and start featuring!