Different types of window blinds


Window blinds are the new sensation in houses, as it is modern and trendy. However, choosing the right window blind is always a hassle because there are multiple advantages in each type of blinds.

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The following are few factors based on which you choose the type:

– Light control: The wallpaper goes smoothly on your walls controlling mechanism; one in which the light filtering inside your house is without bleaching out your sofa or make it difficult for you to look at anything because of the glare. Two, in which, there is a blackout effect, allowing no light to enter so that you can sleep in comfortably or get your much-needed privacy.

– Automatic or manual: Depending on how close your window is to your bed, you can go for either operable or manual roller blinds. Automatic is a bit expensive but is worth it given that you do not have run around the house to pull up or down the blinds.

– Insulation: If your house is too cold and needs insulation, then placing inhibitors will do the trick. As a result, your energy bills will come down, giving you financial & mental relief.

– Visual impact: Roller blinds give a trendy and modern look to your rooms. Since they are available many colours and textures, making a choice based on the interior design of the room will be easy.

Here is a run through of all the types of blinds that are trending in the market.

Vertical blinds: These blinds are best for light control as you can tilt open the blinds controlling the light that enters the room. If you are working, then you can keep it partially open. If you are taking a short nap before a meeting, you can completely close the blinds, dimming your room. Vertical blinds are easy to clean and cost-effective. In addition, the fabric to use can be glare reduction or any suave colour

Roller blinds: These blinds are considered best for visual impact. In this, the blinds roll up around a tube on the top of the window. In addition, it is easy to operate as it works on the push and pull mechanism. Roller blinds are easy to maintain as wiping the dust off the blinds, that is nothing but a big singular fabric, is simple.

Wooden blinds: These are mostly seen in houses that are in the colder regions of the country. Wood absorbs light and heat, keeping the house warm when the outside temperature is dropping every day. Woollen blinds are best suited for the bedroom or living rooms, as it is not flame resistant.

Perfect fit blinds: For those who do not want blinds can opt for this option. These blinds fit the window perfectly, becoming a part of the window. You can roll them up and down as per your requirement. It gets a little difficult to clean it, but that is also because dust does not settle quickly onto the blinds.

Shutters: If you want the European or traditional look for your house, then shutters are a great choice. Shutters are made of wood, have tilt mechanism, and operates like a window. If you do not want the sunlight, just close the shutters. In addition, you can control the light by tilting the panels up or down. Interestingly, shutters have a long life and are best for all weather conditions

Skylight blinds: In this, the blinds are a huge fabric, that is placed inside the skylight window. This is operable and has an automatic mechanism. Easy to clean and maintain at any point of the weather.

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